About Us

Paul Murphy

Co-founder & CEO

Paul's career in software operations industry has spanned twenty years and three continents. Ten years were dedicated to understanding and building large systems on Wall Street for clients like J.P. Morgan and Salomon Brothers. Paul's work in this area allowed him to explore a broad range of computing solutions, from mainframes to web services, and the gamut of space-time tradeoffs required by dissimilar front and back office systems.

Thirteen years ago, Paul moved to London to work at Adeptra, a pioneer in the use of automated outbound calling in the area of credit card fraud detection and prevention. As Adeptra's CTO, he developed all of the software which enabled Adeptra to place intelligent interactive outbound calls on behalf of clients. These systems made extensive use of text-to-speech and voice recognition technology.

Since then Paul has dedicated his time to developing technologies that leverage emerging voice processing techniques.

Ivo Rothschild

Co-founder & Head of Research & Development

Mr. Rothschild's 20 year career in the software industry began while still at University in Montreal. As an undergraduate, he founded The Hutchison Avenue Software Corporation.

With $5,000 of internal startup capital and no outside investment, Hutchison grew from two people borrowing time in the student computer science lab, to a 30-person company with clients such as The Wall St. Journal, Bell Canada, Hewlett-Packard and Canada Trust. During this time Mr. Rothschild was lead software architect, and was able to assemble a highly respected team featuring the best of the brightest graduating from McGill University.

In 1999, Hutchison was purchased by Intuit.

In 2003-2004, he developed a highly complex workflow system for Right Party Connect, Pty (RPC) in Sydney, Australia. Thanks in large part to this software, RPC was purchased by Adeptra, Ltd., the largest provider of two-way alerting products in the world.

Mr. Rothschild is a graduate of McGill University.

Sam Decker

Board Member

Sam's experience spans 21 years in B2C and B2B, for startups and Fortune 50 companies across roles in marketing, product development, business development and chief executive leadership.

For the first half of Sam's career he led marketing, sales and business development for several early-stage startups in CA. Businesses included direct mail catalog, marketing consulting, online media / community, and web-based telecommunications.

Sam joined Dell in 1999 and managed Dell's consumer web site, responsible for operations, content, design, analytics, and P&L management. Sam led Dell through three redesigns and helped develop Dell's global online strategy, growing Dell's consumer online revenue to over $3.5 billion.

Sam was founding CMO for Bazaarvoice Inc., recognized as “ClickZ Marketing Innovation of the Year” twice, and Austin's “Best Place to Work” twice. In 5 years Sam helped grow Bazaarvoice to 7 products, 500 people, and $50 million revenue.

Sam was founder and CEO of Mass Relevance, the SaaS leader in social integration. In 3 years Mass Relevance grew to 150 people globally serving 300 clients prior to merging with Spredfast in April, 2014 to be the largest social marketing company in the world (Sam now serves on the Board).