How it Works, Step by Step

Q. Is this technology right for my contact center?
This technology is right for your contact center if:
  • You are responsible an outbound or inbound sales call center
  • You are looking for the most advanced speech analytics technology in the world
  • You want to be able to analyze your call recordings with greater precision and make better business decisions
Q. Do your speech analytics solutions involve a large investment?

We have been working very hard to make our AI speech analytics technologies affordable for you.

So we can assure you that you’ll be happy with how much value and expertise we can provide you for the $$ you provide in return.

In addition, we’re constantly updating, upgrading, improving and adding new features to our technology for you, so as soon as a new feature is developed, you benefit from it.

To get a quote, schedule your free consultation with us now here.

Q. Will having a tailor-made solution created for us be complicated, time consuming and expensive?

Our project turnaround time usually runs from 1-3 months.

And we have a very structured and efficient process that makes the whole process easy for you.

We’re delighted to be able to offer all this at an affordable cost.

Q. Will your AI solution solve all our call hygiene problems?

Our solution allows you to understand how your agents are behaving and how your customers are feeling. You can see this data rolled up to the company level, by teams, agents, and even individual calls. With no training you’ll be able to spot problem areas and quickly correct them.

Tell us more about your specific needs so we can work on solving them as quickly as possible.

Q. We have terabytes of call recordings. Is that going to be a problem?

No, our solutions can handle ALL your recording data, no matter how much there is.

Q. Why should I choose Clarify over one of your competitors?

Our competitors provide generic solutions. Our approach allows us to mold the most advanced analytics components to address your needs.

Also, will our competitors call you to let you know how they’ve improved their technology long after you’ve invested in their solution and explain how you can benefit right away…?

Q. How many of my competitors have this sort of technology?

Our AI technology is so new that very few of your competitors even know what's possible.

That won’t last forever, so make a start now by scheduling a free consultation with an executive.

Q. Isn’t all this AI speech analytics stuff just hype?

Absolutely not!

AI is transforming industry after industry. Call centers are no exception.

We use AI to understand human communication and then expose that understanding via easy-to-understand graphics and numbers that can be used to compare performance and improve performance.

Sales and support are turning into a science thanks to the science behind platforms like Clarify’s.

Q. What can all this analysis do for me?

All this analysis can help:

  • Lower average talk time
  • Reduce abandoned calls
  • Improve call handling and average handle time
  • Up first call resolution (FCR)
  • Reduce the need for outbound calls, lowering average call costs
  • Reduce call queues
  • Improve customer experience metrics
  • Inform target development and training programs
  • Weed out inefficient agents

How does it do this? Through the analysis of:

  • Emotional tone
  • Sentiment
  • Crosstalk/Interruptions
  • Demographic data
  • PCI data detection
  • Script adherence
  • Mimicry
  • Speech patterns

All these allow you to analyze exactly how well your agents are performing, and what customers really say, in new and sophisticated ways, without having to listen to a single call recording.

Q. Why should I invest now and not later?

Every day you don’t invest, you’re leaving money on the table, because of lower sales or unhappy customers.

Q. Will your tailor-made solution give my company an edge? And if so, what specific outcomes can I expect?

Yes! Specific outcomes include:

  • Reports you can use to make informed business decisions
  • Data sets and points that really mean something, without any advanced math or statistics skills
  • As much quantitative information about your agents as you want to process
  • A solution that gets more intelligent as you use it
Q. How can Clarify improve my agents’ efficiency?

When you know more about your agents—whether it’s a new recruit’s personality type, how much they interrupt customers or adhere to their sales script, you can make decisions about whether they need extra training, and what type of training.

You can identify how well they are doing their job, and how often they are making mistakes. Without ever listening to any call recording.

Q. How can I get the most out of the AI?

Firstly, by giving it a try. You will quickly see just how many options there are, and how much you can benefit from the visualizations and reports we can provide.

Also, keep in mind that the AI is under the hood. You’ll never have to deal with anything complicated!

Use it regularly in a targeted, defined, planned way to facilitate your business decisions and achieve your goals.

Q. Are my competitors days away from receiving the benefits of AI?

Very possibly, if they’re smart and also trying to stay ahead of the game.

Q. Will my customized solution help me eventually lower HR expenditure because my agents are more efficient?

Yes, it could help you eventually lower HR expenditure, because you can use it to:

  • Identify and weed out problem agents
  • Uncover what specific mistakes your agents make and what very specific training they need to improve
  • Provide much more detailed feedback to your agents
  • Hire better, based on performance data the solution unlocks
  • Reduce personnel turnover because efficient employees are happier employees
  • Reduce the number of employees your company needs to achieve each business goal because each agent closes more deals and leaves the customer more satisfied.
Q. Who is the talent behind Clarify?

Clarify is a growing team of engineers and speech scientists who’ve worked with and for Wall Street clients and Fortune 50 companies, including J.P. Morgan, Salomon Brothers, Hewlett-Packard, Canada Trust, The Wall St. Journal, Adeptra, Ltd., Inteliquent and Dell.

We’ve also worked with fast-moving innovative startups.

Our quest at Clarify is to commercialize state-of-the-art research, at an affordable cost, for the contact center industry.

You can read more about us individually on the About page.

We’ve spent the equivalent of 15 years full-time work on developing Clarify technology for the contact center industry.

Q. What are Insights?

The information we extract from your recordings are called Insights.

Q. Does your solution integrate with any other platforms I use

Yes. Our solutions seamlessly integrate into your sales platform/with CRMs and Business Intelligence tools.

Q. How does your technology work?

Our technology is a combination of traditional signal processing and today’s most advanced machine learning (ML) techniques. A lot of people refer to this as AI or Cognitive Computing.

We use these signal processing and ML building blocks to analyze and extract insights from recorded conversations.

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