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29th February 2016 APIs and AI for Election Information
When we think of computers in elections we usually think of electronic voting machines. We don’t think of computers detecting speech, analyzing arguments, and finding important facts.

5th February 2016 Selected for Microsoft’s Machine Learning Accelerator
“We are thrilled to work with some of the people defining this industry,” Murphy wrote. “The combination of our approaches and Microsoft’s fundamental research will let us meet our clients’ needs and accomplish things for them that weren’t previously possible.”

4th February 2016 From Discovery to Selection: Announcing the Seattle Accelerator’s Third Batch
With Machine Learning and Data Science being a major industry trend—and with Microsoft’s top Azure ML offering—we decided to focus on this area for our upcoming batch of startups. Over the past couple of years, $1B of venture capital has been poured into cognitive technologies, according to Deloitte, and there’s no doubt machine learning will […]

1st December 2015 RE.WORK Deep Learning and Future Technology Summits
The Deep Learning Summit welcomed data scientists, entrepreneurs, big data experts and other professionals in the field to learn about the latest trends in deep learning and their impact on industry and society.

15th October 2015 AI invasion will allow workers to empathise, problem-solve and adapt
“Will we ultimately be able to replace most telephone operators? Yes,” says Paul Murphy, chief executive of voice technology company “In fact I’d say speech recognition and understanding has the potential to eliminate any job where the role of the human is that of intermediary.” Meanwhile, we will be employed to tell stories, empathise, […]

17th September 2015 Clarify Launches Automatic Language Identification
Clarify’s language identification is based on machine learning models trained since launch. Data collected and tagged during day-to-day processing was used to train a language detection subsystem using advanced machine learning technologies.

23rd July 2015 Why should your business invest in deep learning?
To ignore the benefits of deep learning would be to accept watching your competitors steal a march. But how does it work and what are the benefits? Data is valuable. We all know that. But the real question is: How much do you believe it?

18th May 2015 Startups Share Their Tactics and Thoughts on Community Management
For Instagram, it’s certainly a decision that has paid off greatly for the company – but what about for other startups? Does a focus on community management always necessarily pay off? And, if so, what strategies work more effectively than others? We reached out to a few startups to learn about how they approach community […]

16th May 2015 Hackney, Austin and Oslo reunite at Digital Shoreditch 2015
The transnational tech and creative group, Austin Hackney United, which took Hackney startups to SXSW 2014 under the ‘Hackney House Austin’ banner, is now made up of more than 400 companies, organisations, artists, musicians, institutions and writers, even two churches. They are all working together to create opportunities among the participating cities.

15th May 2015 Clarify Nominated for Austin A-List of Most Innovative Start-ups
Clarify is pleased to announce it has been nominated for the Austin Chamber’s A-List of Most Innovative Start-ups. The winners will be announced May 14, 2015 at the iconic ACL Live Moody Theatre; follow the event live via Twitter at #ATXalist. Clarify is competing in the Emerging category of start-ups against other notable Austin innovation […]