Applying AI to Audio Analytics


Clarify helped us realize our mission to reimagine the way online education should work.
- Sumner Murphy, CEO Mobento
Mobento curates and organizes the world's best educational videos and makes them available to students on any device. Clarify helps users find the exact moment in the exact lecture that they want , instantly.
Thanks to Clarify we are enabling exponential productivity improvement for the customers who use our tools.
- Joel Gendelman, CEO N2uitive
The power of Clarify lies in the control and flexibility it gives you to build solutions on top of your synthesized conversation database.
Clarify opens up a vast new world of spoken word to the insight and analytics that Digital Reasoning delivers to clients.
- Tim Estes, CEO Digital Reasoning
Digital Reasoning builds software that understands human communication in many languages, across many domains, and at enormous scale. Clarify helps Digital Reasoning extend its reach across key communication channels.

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