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Speech analytics technology has evolved

Now you can spin your call recordings into decision-making gold at a fraction of the cost

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This technology is right for your company if:

  • You're responsible for an outbound or inbound call center
  • You need the most advanced analytics technology on the market
  • You seek to mine existing recordings for data that can directly inform important business decisions
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Let us help you...

  • Compare your agents’ skills, competencies, and call hygiene so you know why your top performers are succeeding and precisely how your staff can improve
  • Identify problem agents / teams to minimize the damage they can do to your business
  • Improve sales agent effectiveness so they close more deals, resolve problems faster, and leave customers happier and more satisfied
  • Improve overall operations, so you generate more revenue

Leverage Our Analytics Stack

  • Linguistic
    • Base Data: Transcript
      Derived Data: Keywords, Named Entities, Topics, Emotion, Empathy/Frustration
    • Synthesized Data: Enhanced Listening, Engagement, Satisfaction, Harmony Scores
    • Workflows: Search / Investigation, Script Adherence, PCI / PII Data Detection, Competitor Watch
  • Acoustic
    • Base Data: Talk Time, Interrupts, Crosstalk, Emotional Tone, Speed, Loudness, Demographics, Speaker Turns
    • Synthesized Data: Harmony Score, Satisfaction Score, Engagement Score, Listening Score
  • CTI
    • Base Data: Call Count, Call Time, Call Length, Call Disposition
    • Derived Data: Agent Rhythm, Agent Efficacy
  • Predictive
    • Attrition, Next Best Action, NPS, Outcomes, Best Reach Times
    • Current & Historical: CTI Data, Acoustic Data, Linguistic Data

This Stack Allows You To

  • Find out the emotional tone of the agents and customers on your calls, thanks to Emotional Analytics
  • Learn how often agents interrupt and talk over your customers with Crosstalk / Interruptions Analytics
  • Know every time PCI data are mentioned in your calls without exception with PCI Data Detection
  • Know to what extent your agents are adhering to scripts with Script Adherence
  • Identify your most empathetic agents thanks to our Harmony Score
  • Learn if the agent or customer is dominating the conversation and how much silence and speech feature in your calls with Percentage Speech
  • Run analytics and get reports for sets of recordings to compare agents and teams with Aggregate Reports

Get In On the Ground Floor of a Future $1T Industry

The speech analytics market is expected to reach $1.6 billion by 2020.


Voices in the world of telephony are often captured by call recording solutions, only to be deleted as a matter of course or stored away for years never to be accessed or reviewed. Speech analytics allows these voices to be heard, for the opinions, attitudes, and intentions customers and employees reveal during everyday conversations to be extracted and then put to use…


Today, more than 35 percent of companies with at least a 50-person contact center have implemented a speech analytics tool that can use a real-time decision-making engine to push offers to contact center agents.


..only 20 percent of customer complaints are agent-related, and the remaining 80 percent stem from product or process issues and misaligned expectations. Speech analytics solutions that go beyond keyword spotting to provide automatic categorization and root cause analytics automatically surface these issues.

Mariann McDonagh, vice president of global marketing at Verint Systems Research, CRM Magazine
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