Process any English language audio or video with clear upfront pricing without any hidden charges, monthly service fees, or minimums.


Now you can find anything and everything spoken in your media with sub-second resolution.

$1/5000 searches

($0.0002 each)


We analyze and categorize your media with our signal processing, ASR, and NLP engines.



Topics (spoken)

If you need to understand what your media is about, Topics are for you.


Keywords (spoken)

This gives you the 20 most important words in your media and can power your search.


Closed Captions

Do you need Captions for your videos? We can provide them in under 72 hours via the API.


(contact us for faster)

Human Transcription

You can get a detailed transcript of your audio or video within 72 hours via the API.


(contact us for faster)

Enterprise Support

For enterprise-level support packages from our core development team, please contact us.

We're always working on new features and functionality. Contact us to request early access.

More Languages

Your first language is included in Classification. This is for each additional language.

+$0.01/minute each

(after the first language)